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Re: Learned a few things today

The parents who think their kids are better than they really are will never change. Those parents generally are the ones who like to stir things up behind the scenes. At the same time, the parents who dont really talk about their own kid, the coach or anyone else\\\'s kid usually have the kids that pan out in the end and play at higher level when they are 15-16 years old. Took me 2 kids and approx 10 years of youth hockey to confirm this but always had an idea of this being the truth. Cheers to reuniting with some good parents today.
Worry about your own kids not what you think others are thinking and doing. No dog in this fight but It seems as if you think you know everything?
Amazing how you suggest op believes he/she "knows everything" from reading what they wrote. You my friend are an idiot.
^^^^Wrong. Post stated parents who “think” and made several other assumptions.