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Youth Hockey
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Re: Parmy's Off-Ice Hockey

Jump for joy! Another camp to look into. Can you share website?

Re: Parmy's Off-Ice Hockey

The majority of kids today have little or no “self” interest in cross training or off ice hockey skills, especially at the 12/13/14 age group. The fact you have to ask about a program is all the proof you need, especially when you can YouTube any off ice training your Adult heart desires. But until lil Johnny decides to YouTube off ice exercises and regiments HIMSELF, don’t waste the families time or money.

For every thousand hockey nets I see in the driveway, I see one kid shooting, for every thousand pairs of roller blades sitting in the closet, you see one kid roller blading. The best of the best NHL’ers tell you, 50 percent of their skill sets came from off ice training and players like Ovechkin, Marchand, McD and others were self driven off ice. Their Daddies didn’t pay for specialized clinics or skills sessions. Guaranteed your skipper is watching hundred’s of hours of videos a week but none on off ice training! But spend your money anyway you want fool, lol
Acoach might come off a tad bit sour but he does have a point.