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Re: Rules question

Team A is on a power play. Team B gets another penalty, but before they touch the puck, team A scores. My understanding is the original kid in the box comes out, but the kid who just got a penalty still serves the full penalty? Correct? And if so, I’ve seen 3 games now where the refs screw it up…
NO you are incorrect. The original penalty remains and the upcoming one is null but should still be written on the scoresheet as a penalty.

Re: Rules question

If the Referee signals an additional minor penalty(s) against a team that is already short-handed (below the numerical strength of its opponent on the ice at the time of the goal) because of one or more minor or bench minor penalties, and a goal is scored by the non-offending team, the goal shall be allowed. The delayed penalty(s) shall be assessed and the first non-coincidental minor penalty already being served shall terminate automatically under Rule 402(c) (Minor Penalties).