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Youth Hockey
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so not 100% true... there are a ton of players that don't parti****te in a lot of summer tournaments unless its their team as a whole. sure tournys are fun, but sometimes these kids would rather take a break or concentrate on other sports rather than pick up bad habbits from a thrown together team coached by some Uncle Ricco willing to do anything to win. and lets be honest, if any of our kids were as "elite" as we all want them to be, they would already be gone... so whether you are drinking from the fountain of the KD and JP man-goo at the bottom of the ivory tower, or ballz deep in the BHL, let your kids have fun. the cream always rises to the top. and trust me,, none of the ehf "elites" will ever stray far from what they know. they stay close to competition that is somewhat challenging but not enough to make any difference. watching our children succeed has taken a back seat to greed and pride. youll never see an ehf top team take on a top bhl team... the ehf parents and their uncle ricco's wouldnt be able to handle it.
who is the directed at?