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Re: CCM Blue Chip 2011s BS

Try about 80% get a clue. It was every Ehf teams top players and the 2011 Advantage. STFU
Your numbers are way off.

Re: CCM Blue Chip 2011s BS

I would say that this is factually accurate. All good/solid elite players though. However, remember that even if your kid is a brick player, and you feel superior, there is only one really talented kid in the EHF 2011 age group currently and he doesn’t play with the 11’s. So if your kid isn’t playing elite 10’s and being productive then they aren’t the best yet either. Let’s see how things play out as they age through. Love the 2011 banter. I would say great bunch of families and kids overall.

Re: CCM Blue Chip 2011s BS

things will definitely change in a few short years

Re: CCM Blue Chip 2011s BS

The new Islanders / old Americans goalie is the best goalie around in the 2011 year. And the MMF forward and top BJT D are incredible players. No idea if they were in this tournament but just in response to the comment that the only stud player in the 2011 class is the one playing with the 2010s