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Youth Hockey
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Re: Club hockey and lacrosse

Excellent thread. Can someone with experience comment on the girls side too? I have a daughter thinking about hockey+lacrosse vs hockey+soccer. Which pairing makes more sense for girls?
Omg this is another insightful thread :yum: No matter what youth sport your child plays just make sure you demand excellence!!!!!! Put the little ones in club anything and watch them grow. Like really, its not even a debate. Repeat after me DBoarders - "ALL THIS TIME AND MONEY SPENT ON YOUTH SPORTS WILL BE WORTH IT WHEN THE D1 SCHOLARSHIP OR PROFESSIONAL TEAM COMES KNOCKING AT THE DOOR"

Re: Club hockey and lacrosse

I have a 12 year old boy playing LXC and E9 hockey. We manage to do both but I understand this gets way more difficult in high school.

LXC winter skills are their biggest selling point and are very flexible. Multiple locations most nights of the week so you can work around hockey. These are all on their website. My son doesn't do the optional Box Lacrosse winter options.

Spring season is once a week on Saturdays. Doesn't clash with Town lax.

Summer is all about tournaments and you can decide how many you want to do, but every weekend after Memorial Day through to end of July, excluding 4th of July weekend. 6 tournaments for the top teams with only a couple of practices in the summer. If you don't do the tournaments, that's fine but what's point of doing all the rest if you don't play at least a few?

Fall is optional.

Overall it works well. If you play for some of the other club teams (3d, Littlenecks) practices/skills in the winter can be a set day so it's a coin toss if it clashes or not. If you like summer hockey tournaments then probably not a good fit.

Re: Club hockey and lacrosse

9 yr olds thinking about d1 scholarships is funny.