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Re: NESC livebarn

Ha ha
Live barn at NESC? 😂. Let’s start by replacing the knuckle-busters for credit card payments and that old Commander 64 computer that does not work. Try to make a payment it’s comical. They can’t look you up on the computer because it’s not functional but will look you up by pulling a folder with you name on it out an office drawer, then they whip out the knockle-buster to swipe you C.C. 😂 . They need to hire some interns or young college kid to help out with getting them out of the stone ages and into the future. Kinda sad actually with all the $$ that place is making.
If Larue put some people in place that were under 60 to run things he could make 50% more money and have more happy customers. Team gear is weak even though they can run their own show on that, payments are a nightmare, could do way more with the restaurants and from a streaming perspective they could easily have their own app and charge a fee for that. So many options these days. He is old school though and doesn’t need the money so it is what it is. Its nice playing at a place where getting ice is never and issue, plenty of lockerrooms, etc though and he is a nice guy who is present often still coaches and engages the players and parents around the rink which is way more than most owners do.

Re: NESC livebarn

LiveBarn is up in 6 rinks. Watched some of the Hero's Cup yesterday. NESC seems to be online.

Re: NESC livebarn

Does anyone know how one gets the 4 digit privacy code to watch?