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Youth Hockey
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Re: CCM 68 Futures

There was not a lot top players in attendance. But there was a lot parents thinking it was very good hockey! Honestly it was the worst hockey I have seen in long time for the 09 age group.
Agreed. Hero forwards and kids not knowing how to utilize their teammates. I saw D wide open calling for pucks on all teams getting ignored or given weak passes. Waste of time and money. Skills were not challenging at all. Lesson learned for my younger ones.

Re: CCM 68 Futures

the futures is an expensive money grab and has zero impact on the overall selection. the 68 is not what it used to be since they moved the recruiting age up. Its now a lot more friends and family type names going. Always good to get on radars if you pay well but some of the 2007 kids that went last year and 2008 kids going this year just aren't very good. Save your money.

Re: CCM 68 Futures

Use that $695 fee they charge for private lessons. Any 09 can sign up, nothing but a money grab. If you are good, you will be noticed without having to pay $695.

Re: CCM 68 Futures

If your a stud, you will be on the radar!!

Why the need to spend $695 to get on radar?
I’m sure majority of winter teams parti****te in 200x85 tournaments already.

Save that $695.