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Re: Cunniff Hockey Skills

mike L.
The Best Hockey Skills Coach around.!! My sons have gone to Cunniff Hockey Camps when they were younger and continue to do his Skills Program & 1 on 1 Private Lessons . They'v e gotten a lot out of it, They've told me they've learned so much from Coach Cunniff and Cunniff Hockey Skills than they have all season with their team hockey coaches.- my sons are on 2 different teams, I've had parents ask me at their games what has he been doing? They've both really improved their game so much that its noticeable on the ice , more confident in the game and scoring goals! In my opinion Cunniff Hockey is the best skills program out there. My kids love it and they're very fair priced considering he is a pro- hockey coach and the player learns so much through he's teaching method.
FYI: a lot of Hockey company's use the Cunniff name in hockey. But the one I'm referring to is the real Cunniff Hockey family run business-with some semi pros as skills coaches- The one I'm giving good recommendation to & referring to is : CUNNIFFHOCKEY.NET Owned and operated by Pro-Coach David Cunniff (father was Pro-Coach John Cunniff coached the Bruins with Terry O'Reilly.)
Just felt the need to clarify the correct Cunniff Camp I'm referring too. (As I've heard other camps, skills use their name)
Thank you for clarifying, Mrs. Cunniff - a lot of imposter scams circulating the local rinks this time of year.