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Re: Normal tourney tuition mark up?

If you think the coaches that just show up with a roster and jerseys in hand are making any more than their $300 coaching stipend you clearly have not been around the rinks very long.
As someone who has been through it as a coach, and a parent with zero involvement.

This is al about FOMO, just like the rest of hockey.

Hold off, wait til a few days before when you get calls and invites because they need a player, and play for free or discount rate .

My kid probably did three tourneys a summer between u8 and u18 and we probably paid a total of 500 bucks for about 25 tourneys.

the same tourneys that were invite only, elite, showcase, etc...
wow, your bendy is a stud, you must be so proud and must be even more excited to share this news with all of us
He is average. Act accordingly and stop wasting your money