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Re: Competitive Goals @Worcester Ice Center

They are great! Great teachers, prices are great and they offer a lot of different clinics (scoring, power skating, Defense and AAA total skills to name a few). They are very flexible so if you can’t make your scheduled clinic they let you hop on another clinic throughout the week. While your kid is skating you can enjoy a tall boy while munching on some good food at BayState Brewery!!

Re: Competitive Goals @Worcester Ice Center

Another hockey camp in the great state of MA!!!! With the huge growth of hockey related businesses over the last 25 years in this state, one would think MA would be producing more NHL and D1 players. Unfortunately the numbers are going the wrong way. Any insight?

Re: Competitive Goals @Worcester Ice Center

Soft parents develop soft players

Re: Competitive Goals @Worcester Ice Center

Too much coaching by money hungry coaches?

Re: Competitive Goals @Worcester Ice Center

Cash grab unless your kid also does some privates with those coaches. Classic Mass. Money is favored over player development. Soft parents who have money and dump it on over served kids. And call it good parenting.

Re: Competitive Goals @Worcester Ice Center

What a dumb comment. Do you expect these coaches to develop your kid for free? Everything coast money including player development! Sounds like you asked one of these coaches to teach your kid for free and he told you to beat it and instead is working with a kid who’s parents paid for the development. Yes Make’s sense to me. These coaches have families too. Sorry your wallet got cut! Carry on!!