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Youth Hockey
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Re: Dusters

I asked another dad if his bender who he thinks is elite how many weeks he’s had off the ice in 2022. Poor kid hasn’t had one week off the ice in over a year. 2010 by.
He's going to the show

Re: Dusters

Your elite next level bender isn’t skating daily in July and with at least 2 weekend tournaments….where is your head at? 5 Min Major for negligent indifference…you sit in the box and feel shame!

Re: Dusters

If your kid needs to skate 12 months a yr to dominate ****ty mass hockey then he’s not going anywhere anyways. My kid skated just his regular season until high school then increased that to skating 8 to 9 months a yr and is now skating a regular shift in Hockey East. Stop trying to make the NHL at 10 yrs old and let the kids be kids. Nobody gives a **** where you’re bender played his youth hockey.

Re: Dusters

Yea, my kid skates at Hockey East….More like the Middle East! 😝

Re: Dusters

Yeah because lot’s of Hockey East parents frequent the youth hockey D board. F—ken Losah!