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Youth Hockey
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Re: New Lovell arena opens tomorrow

Supposedly will be open for the tournament. I also dont see live barn as an option currently. If its an inspection that is holding spectators up it will be interesting to see what happens if they dont get one before Friday. If COVID taught us anything its that parents dont appreciate being left out of the rink... I could see teams (parents) not letting their kids go into the building and just torpedoing the tournament..

Re: New Lovell arena opens tomorrow

Seems the academy has more game rooms than classrooms….

Re: New Lovell arena opens tomorrow

What's the name of the place and where is it located?

And does this mean Hingham Youth Hockey can now skate a Pilgrim once again instead of searching all over the southshore for ice? ?

Re: New Lovell arena opens tomorrow

Hingham youth hockey already does skate at pilgrim. I would see them practicing there every week.