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Re: Rink Shrinks

Both are former nhl players from the south shore area. One is now a Boston cop the other got the Colby baker award in college. I couldn't tell you what kind of nhl careers either had but both seemed to end early forcing them to look for employment. Seems like they're trying to make money off of the rink shrinks now.
I've checked it out and it's geared towards giving parents advice for their kids. Both guys know hockey but so do a lot of other people. It isn't a one size fits all situation when it comes to what parents should do with kids. I guess they thought there was a market for this and maybe there is? Im just not sure it's two goofy guys on Instagram im going to listen to. The page isn't that entertaining to me but they seems to have a following of white privileged male hockey them.
Bud. Get a clue.

Colby baker ?

NHL careers ?

BY was one of the best youth players in the northeast. Played a few years up. Never made the show.

Motts was a great player. Nothing flashy. But solid. Ended up winning the hobey baker and had a decent nhl career.

Both have kids that ply and they coach. So they are in tune with the youth hockey scene in mass.

Listen to the podcast. They are spot on.

Re: Rink Shrinks

Somebody baker, whatever. I never heard much about BY. MMS career basically peaked when he for the baker award.

I don't have time to listen to their podcast. Someone simply asked who they are and gave them the background. It's a matter of opinion I guess on if they did well in the nhl.

They're looking for more minutes of fame and using IG to try and that.

Ryan Whitney has had a very successful career and podcast. I'll give him that. He does quite well with his vodka too.

Re: Rink Shrinks

Colby baker hahahhaha with that comment alone I can tell you never played sport .

Re: Rink Shrinks

Billy tibbetts
Colby baker hahahhaha with that comment alone I can tell you never played sport .
Isn't the same guy that invent Colby Cat Sailboats? Or was that NHL goalie Braden Coltby?

Re: Rink Shrinks

Last time I checked I think they are from Charlestown. Not to many privileged white kids live there , go get in your Prius with your mask on and drive off a bridge you ******* Idiot .

Re: Rink Shrinks

um BY is from Milton

MM is from Avon, went to Thayer, lives with his wife off her wealthy family money in Duxbury now.

Bring a good looking male who played in the nhl is most certainly privileged.

I did not play the sport growing up either. Doesn't mean I don't know the sport or the players.

We know that podcast has a fan folks.

Re: Rink Shrinks

What grown man say Um and knows all the gossip about 2 guys ? You’re a ******* loser who hangs with all the moms at the rinks talking **** about 11 year olds and doesn’t have an athletic bone in their body . Facts!!!!

Re: Rink Shrinks

My 15 year old niece says facts and the podcasts stinks.

Re: Rink Shrinks

Who says I'm a man ?

Anger management might help.