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Youth Hockey
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Re: Rink Shrinks

Last time I checked I think they are from Charlestown. Not to many privileged white kids live there , go get in your Prius with your mask on and drive off a bridge you ******* Idiot .

Re: Rink Shrinks

um BY is from Milton

MM is from Avon, went to Thayer, lives with his wife off her wealthy family money in Duxbury now.

Bring a good looking male who played in the nhl is most certainly privileged.

I did not play the sport growing up either. Doesn't mean I don't know the sport or the players.

We know that podcast has a fan folks.

Re: Rink Shrinks

What grown man say Um and knows all the gossip about 2 guys ? You’re a ******* loser who hangs with all the moms at the rinks talking **** about 11 year olds and doesn’t have an athletic bone in their body . Facts!!!!

Re: Rink Shrinks

My 15 year old niece says facts and the podcasts stinks.

Re: Rink Shrinks

Who says I'm a man ?

Anger management might help.