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Re: Mid Fairfield leaving EHF?

LOL the bandits 2010 Elite team lost to a BHL 3rd place National team last year.

Until they kick the breakers and bandits out of fed elite the league won’t be taken serious from anyone outside of the kool aid drinkers.

E9 has good players

Fed Elite has good players ( maybe 1-4 of the top players in the state in league) but the drop
off is huge on these teams. Which is why they couldn’t stand a chance against the HP league and other top end teams.

Christ even the PHL has 1-2 good players

Every league has good players in it what it comes down to is the coaching.
LOL u loser the Bandits are the worst program in the Fed. Don’t brag about beating them. It would be similar to a Fed platinum dad bragging after a tourney about beating Avs, Wiz, Spa, Valley, Spring.
Jesus sorry you have a tattoo of the fed elite on your body.

Until fed elite kicks bandits, bay state and terriers the league won’t be respected.

HP is better then fed elite especially if Mid Fairfield takes off then it’s not even close.
lol, dumb f, I can guarantee 200% that your kid will not make even the bandits
You lose credibility when you make such outlandish claims.

Nobody has ever been cut by the Bandits.

Re: Mid Fairfield leaving EHF?

Tough to compare a league that has 11 teams with a league that has 6 teams. If you took the top 6 EHF teams, it would be better than the HP at every level. If you took the bottom 6, HP would be better. Agree with the other poster that said HP needs LC and Reapers to make it better. But both leagues are very good. The fact is when u look at where New England hockey players that are playing in college played as peewees and bantams, almost all played in the EHF. BA has a bunch, too. But the idea of going. From town to HS to college is fools gold. U want your kid to play at the highest possible level, u want him in the EHF or with the Lovell crew.

Re: Mid Fairfield leaving EHF?

EHF is the best overall youth hockey league in the United States. Team for team strongest league!
Keep telling yourself that. Lol.

That along with the “ehf is so strong that black/platinum are better than most elite teams in the country”

Are the two lies that are the foundation of the EHF.

Stop making **** up. Nobody thinks Fed plat teams are better than most elite teams in the country. Most think Fed Platinum is equal to e9 which is fairly accurate.

Re: Mid Fairfield leaving EHF?

Keep believing that fairytale friend.

Re: Mid Fairfield leaving EHF?

Agree 100%!!!we seem to all be living a dream through our kids and from our experiences with older children that have gone on to play "a little hockey", once they leave this bubble we created for them, rarely ever have we ran across coached/managers/players that even know what the hell the EHF and BHL are. NOR do any of them care!

Re: Mid Fairfield leaving EHF?

EHF has simply been around longer. BA/lovell was only created in 2007. I'd say they're doing pretty well.

Re: Mid Fairfield leaving EHF?

MidFairfield is leaving the EHF because there is no competition in the league. It’s a waist of a drive. Time to move on and play better teams and that is the facts!