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Re: Jr Warrior Showcase

This is a well run tournament and there are at least 2 Canadian teams coming down for most divisions on top of E9 teams should be pretty good competition to get ready for the season.

Re: Jr Warrior Showcase

Well, looking at the schedule, the only teams from the e9 are the Patriots, Warriors, Rangers, Americans, and Knights...all teams in the e9 last season.

Seems like a pretty crappy tournament, but I guess a good warmup for when games start?

Enjoy the **** show I guess....
Why would this be a crappy tournament if these are the teams they will be going up against during the season?
If you enjoy playing teams you are going to see 2-4 more times this year then sure, it's a good tournament. Most kids/parents/coaches I know prefer to play tournaments against teams you normally wouldn't get a chance to play.