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Re: Fed 2012s

MFF 12 team should play in the 11 division that team is a wagon.
MFF 12s lost some key players to 2011 teams. They are still a great 2012 team but the days of hanging with top 11 teams are over.

Re: Fed 2012s

1. Flames
2. Eagles
3. Breakers
4. PHC
5. Terriers
6. Top Gun
7. Islanders
8. Kings
9. MassConn
10. Bandits
Group A
#1 MFF

Group B
#2 MMF
#3 BJE
#4 BJT

Group C
#5 TG
#6 BSB
#7 IHC
#8 SSK
#9 PHC

Group D
#10 MC