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Re: Fed 09

That was the BA team from the BHL. They have multiple teams with elite in the name, but they really only have one goot team. Nice try though....

Re: Fed 09

Yeah, right…the bhl team beat 95 giants on Saturday. Nice try though…

Re: Fed 09

You must not have Google bud

BA didn’t play any league games this weekend

Re: Fed 09

Yes but Lovell Winter Club did…

Pretty obvious that your boys got their doors blown off. They aren’t putting the BA select team agaisnt team Maryland and the LI Royals. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Re: Fed 09

we do realize that this is week one... dopes...

Re: Fed 09

The E9 at the 09 level has always been closer to Fed Elite 09 than the often compared 09 Platinum. Fed Elite is better but it’s closer than ever this year.
Watched a ton of 09 games this weekend as my bender's team was competing and this statement is the most truthful. Fed Elite is better at the top. But the top E9 teams could give those teams a respectable game and easily hang with the middle of the pack Fed Elite teams. Bottom of E9 still comparable to platinum teams.

Re: Fed 09

The Islanders lost to the JVW E9 as well. Fed for life!!!
IHC 09E suck been steady downhill for them for the past few years! Possible the coaching may be a bit suspect there.

Re: Fed 09

09 super weak birth year

maybe like 3 kids in ehf elite will get a look at d1

really not much to work with