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So no matter what generation you grew up in or brought your family up in, everyone at some point has "That Moment". That moment of clarity and reality when you realize "holy s h ! T, I'm that guy". then you fade to the corner of the arena quietly and watch. thats when the embarrassment kind of kicks in. "i sound like a complete fawking moron"!!! then when you're in the car after the game praising jenny or johnny you ask them, "does all the fans and parents yelling make a difference?" when they say nope, all we hear is a bunch of stupid screaming and cant make out what anyone is saying. plus, all were trying to do is hear the other kids on the ice and our coaches.... we know you guys are all cheering for us, thats really all we need from you during the game! yup.... im that fawking parent.
My aha moment was when I was at a college showcase camp when my son was about 14 and an assistant coach from a D-1 school was giving a talk about recruiting. He said there are so many times where he's watching games and seeing a kid that's really good that he wants to give a long look at. Then he figures out that his dad and / or mom is up there in the stands screaming and yelling at the refs, coaches, other players, etc. We all know "that guy". He said unfortunately, he crosses that kid off the list even though he loves him as a player - he just can't have people like that as part of his program. He said "don't ever be the reason your son doesn't get the proper look if he's not good enough" and it stuck with me for years. I learned to just sit quietly and the rink and cheer positively for my son, his team, and even good plays from kids on the other team.

Don't be the reason your kid misses out on the dream - whatever his might be.