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Youth Hockey
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Re: Pre-Game

Pre game routine needs to be learned. It’s a good habit. It’s a chance to team build. Anyone with a brain knows that warm ups have no correlation with winning in youth hockey, but it starts to teach them about being focused. Read a few books and then post. You’ll sound smarter.

Re: Pre-Game

Agreed...Youth hockey warmups are designed to do a few things..

Teach the kids about preparation. (as a team)
Allow the kids to understand time management. (as a team)
Get the kids out of the car and moving around - most likeley coming out of a 30min-60min drive. (as a team)
Get them focused to play. (as a team)

Hit the nail on the head - It's a good habit...

Re: Pre-Game

Better than rolling out of an suv, after a 90 minute ride spent crushing donuts and watching the ipad.