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Re: EHF is a joke

God. You guys are pathetic.

They should have already done it.

But I can’t wait til the Lovell’s start their own league. And just play against other Lovell teams.

Secondly. You sound like an idiot when you compare breakers and BA and mentions girls teams.

And while irrelevant, it is unequivocally false that breakers have more kids in college than BA. In fact. I am struggling to think of one kid from Breakers in past few years.

Let me know of another program that’s junior team has had the majority of the kids for their entire youth career.
You want facts then lets go there.

Breakers playing college (DC @ BU, DM @ Harvard, CC @ Stonehill, JS @ BUW)
BA playing college (TL @ Arizona St, EH @ Harvard)

Go ahead.....

Breakers girls have more combined college placements than BA ever will.
Wow. ok

There is a reason Breakers website lists girls comitted...and no boys. But, here ya go

This is literally off the top of my head from the past few years

RH - Harvard
BG - Maine
AG - Maine
LP - Northeastern
PH - Merrimac

I left off the players in the NHL

You lose credibility and sound insane when you tout Breakers college players.
HAHA....players that took a skill lesson and BA now takes credit for them? Also committing to a college doesn\'t mean they will ever play there. You tossed out a bunch of Initials that maybe 2 actually play college currently. If a kid played juniors for BA you take credit for that too?
You are exposing your ignorance.

Every kid mentioned literally played nowhere else. Lifelong Lovell kids.

Just looking at the Gaudette’s who have done nothing outside of Lovell. That is one family that equals the breakers college commits.

Blue kool aid drinker - its impossible for Guadettes and LP to play for Lovell teams as the first BA team was for 2002 birth year. Great attempt though at false marketing.
Those kids were doing skills and camps and privates prior.
so what?? Is there anyone out there who ONLY ever took lessons from just one org?? I'd be surprised as all hell if that's the case. I see kids who play for the Eagles which is apparently THE team to play on in MA these days and none of them are just learning/developing through the Eagles org. They are putting pics of themselves going to places like Will O'neill, elev802, and other private lessons.

I don't think there's a league or even a team who can take full responsibility for someone's success. It really kind of comes down to the skill/talent of the kid along with what the parent is willing to do.