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Re: Exposure joke

Man, the 14 parents\' are officially worse than the 08 parents.
Yeah but the 08s are stacked…

In all seriousness, not one 2014 coach has developed any talent whatsoever. When they take a hit, when they have hair on their junk…that’s when you will see what coaches developed talent.

Slow your roll. They’re 8.
wow you sound pretty confident in this.

I know a few of these stacked 08's you are talking about and they were very good when they were 8.

Re: Exposure joke

I don't think anyone is saying kids are mainly developed by a coach they had when they were 8. But you're kidding yourself if you think hockey development doesn't get real until puberty. A coach can certainly spot talent in a kid when they're 7 or 8 and start grooming them.

Re: Exposure joke

Ask any NHL player or D1 player when they started playing hockey. The answer won't be when they were 13 or 14. There's no way any development that happens before age 14 is moot. Keep telling yourselves whatever it takes to feel better though.

Re: Exposure joke

When\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s the rematch when more then half of IHC isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t sick?
ihc has 6 or 7 players from first and second jr bruins teams on the roster, it’s a shame they did so poorly and now we’re talking who was sick on that team.
BA has 4 players on national elite.

Again IHC is very good. No one is saying they\\'re not.
actually BA has 5 players on national elite.
2014 National elite is 1/3 BA and 1/3 IHC. Both HCs just know how to develop talent.
there's also 2 or 3 Eagles on the team, 2 kings, and a few people not from MA.

Re: Exposure joke

I hope there were extra huggies passed out after the games. You people all need to get lives.

Re: Exposure joke

Doesn't seem like exposure is giving much attention to advantage at all for winning. They're showing the same clips of losing teams it seems. What's up with that?

Re: Exposure joke

2011 islanders lost to a Dallas team in a shootout in the semis . Dallas team won , that was the top division.
Also , you people are hilarious your arguing about 7 year olds, there’s a reason all the best players are in the ehf, the advantage are a good team (2011) and I’m sure a awesome program, but the fact people on here actually try to argue that e9 is better than the ehf is a riot.

Re: Exposure joke

I would agree that EHF overall has stronger teams than the E9. No one said they didn't, but there are some bad teams and average players in the EHF also. The point is that BA/Lovell has some teams that are better than some of the teams in the EHF.

To say all of the best players play in the EHF is quite a statement. Just another butthurt boomer dad and another example of an EHF parent getting all nervous that the EHF isn't that great. It's the teams people not the leagues

Re: Exposure joke

Lovell is kind of in a league of their own. Will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years.