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Re: 2014 birth year

Guys guys it’s totally normal to post a hockey video of your kids skills/practice/games every time he’s in the rink. What would I do without plastering it all over the internet and getting all the likes and comments? I don’t think I could survive!!!

Re: 2014 birth year

Do you think the OP here was a parent? Or someone who’s been independently scouting 2014s - maybe for a DI college or NHL team - and decided to come share his findings with the DBoard?

Re: 2014 birth year

Talking about how good a kid is at hockey before he’s out of pull-ups is serial killer behavior. Carry on dahmer!
yeah no it's not. Geez, I guess parents just can't be happy for their kids anymore. Or at least not let anyone else know about it because it will offend others.
Butthurt much? Must be a serial social media poster. Make sure you wake little Timmy up at 5am and get him out of his pull up and into his equipment so you can post a sick video on IG.

2014 birth year

Which teams and coaches?