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Re: Lovell Arena

Not surprised its expensive. Many posters here want to know why Mass hockey has changed?
Check out all the Lexus, BMWs and other "elite" cars in the lot. Rinks used to be filled with old pickups and minivans.
I'm guessing you must be in your 50's or 60's? This topic has been discussed ad nauseam on here that only wealthy people play hockey. If you have been paying attention to what is happening in the greater Boston area there aren't many middle class people left at all. I would agree that back in the 80's/90's there were more middle class people playing hockey but there were middle class people. Look at what it costs to live around here now.

Different rinks and towns do have different demographics. I've been to some rinks on the north shore that have a very different type of person than what you might find in hingham.

Bottom line is that you do need to have some money to play hockey.

Re: Lovell Arena

I grew up playing hockey in Western Mass in the 70’s and 80’s. We took our horse and buggy to Practice and games.

Then my dad bought a Mercedes and we rode in style.

Re: Lovell Arena

If you go to a bar at a hockey rink just check yourself into AA.
Sorry, my kid plays AAA

Re: Lovell Arena

Lovell took over New England hockey.

Now they are taking over the south shore bar scene.

Haters gonna hate !