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Youth Hockey
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Re: Pee Wee tournament

Waste of time and money. Most parents admit after it wasn't worth it.

Re: Pee Wee tournament

Only people saying “it wasn’t worth it” are ones doing this with a poorly run program.

Redwings and RK have been doing this for years. They put together the best team they can, run high level practices, and have many “exhibition” games pre-arranged with top AAA teams such as Czech Kinghts or Honeybaked because they have such a great re****tion. They play a game every day they are there and are very organized.

Go with a program trying to extort as much from FOMO parents as they can and you are likely to come back saying it wasn’t worth it.

Go with a professionally run program that is only looking to provide the kids with an unforgettable life experience and you will not find that being said by anyone.

Re: Pee Wee tournament

The point is people leaving teams to find a team going a tournament like this. It's one tournament. That is FOMO. Nothing else. If you're already on a good team going then great. Scrambling to be on a team just because a tournament is weird. But I'm not obsessed the way some others are. My kid is also 7 so we're not near this but I can't imagine finding a new team to be on just because of one tournament. Anyone who thinks that is ok is weird.

Re: Pee Wee tournament

Waste of time and money. Most parents admit after it wasn\\\\\\\'t worth it.
Only a small percentage of parents whose son was on a Q team will say it was a waste of money. A high percentage of parents whose kids don't have the opportunity to go will say it is a waste of money.

Great experience for the kids....will be one of his greatest youth hockey memories.