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Youth Hockey
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Re: Best Time of Year

Omg. How about an actual name of a team.
Hey loser. Rules state no mentioning team names: stop being a loser. Loser.
\"It is O.K. to be critical of programs, venues and in some cases adult players and coaches but we do hope you refrain from using names. What is NOT ACCEPTABLE are slanderous posts, accusations of unfound illegal activity, calling-out individuals by name, posting hearsay or damaging opinions. Kids are 100% off limits.\"

Stfu. You are wrong. Ever adult and every team/org is fair game. Just dont touch the kids
I heard you have trouble not touching the kids pedo
Threw that line in for comedic relief. But I guess you got me🤷‍♂️. Congrats🙄

Re: Best Time of Year

If your kid is on 4 different teams in 4 yrs you and your kid are the “problem” family. Either your kid is an absolute nightmare of a teammate and a nightmare to coach or you’re a complete psycho that no one can stand. Good luck on team #5.