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Re: Memories of Mitchell Miller

This is the weakest fake drama I have seen in a long time. My guess is that Florida was looking for any reason under the sun to drop the commitment for whatever reason. Historically, Florida has turned a blind eye to guys who have been arrested for much worst crimes, the current 99 man roster is loaded with non law abiding individuals.
Yeah. I’m as “snowflaky” as they come about this stuff. But Florida gets absolutely zero credit here. They just flipped Rashada from Miami and they were looking to open up a scholarship. That’s all this is. And this situation is night and day from Miller. Rapping along to a song and dropping an n bomb that’s in the lyrics doesn’t seem like a big deal. Definitely not to the point where his scholarship offer should be pulled. It’s not a great look but assuming there’s nothing else here I hope he goes to another SEC team and wrecks Florida.