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Re: looks like none of the u14 eagles will be playing highschool/prep hockey… what a joke organiza

The MIAA kids chose not to try out and play the full season. Most of the kids at preps on that team are in 8th grade. I would bet that team would beat most of the MIAA aside from the top 5 teams. Calling the Eagles a joke organization shows what an idiot you are.
You are an idiot. Very few 14 year old kids have the size and strength to compete against kids that are 17 and 18 years old. These 17 and 18 year olds did not start playing hockey yesterday. They have all been skating there whole lives. Very few 14 year olds have the speed to out skate a 17 or 18 year old and if they can outskate them they only have 200 feet and 85 feet to do it.

I am not saying they are not more skilled players. Only a dummy would say that.

They couldn't play as a team in the miaa either they would get crushed.

Any bozo who thinks it is a walk in the park with benders playing MIAA has no idea what they are looking at and should sit this one out. Nobody is saying it is filled with kids going D1 or tier1 tier 2 jr's. But is is very fast, very physical hockey with an obvious drop off of talent from the top 10 or so teams. After that each team has a signficant drop off in skill but these kids can all skate.

If you think playing full season is better than playing against bigger and stronger kids then you know your kids isn't ready for the physicality. There is a crap ton of development that happens playing that level of physical hockey that can't be replicated at u14 against kids that might at most weigh 140 lbs.

But I do agree....calling the Eagles a joke is absurd. Your both losers.

Spoken like a true HS coach

My kids U14 team blew up because everyone committed to full season but then started going to captain practice and all but 7 kids left to play high school. Last minute we decided to just let him try out at his team as his other option was combine with kids on the select team. He attends a pretty good D1 school so we didn’t expect much. He made the team and skated today at practice with the second line most likely. My kid was always average on a mid pack elite team.

It’s a joke but figure let him have his fun this year as the team blew up.

Re: looks like none of the u14 eagles will be playing highschool/prep hockey… what a joke organiza

The Eagles are a first class organization. This is from someone who comes from another competitive organization and respects how they do business. No organization is perfect or meet's everyone's needs. But their philosophy, strength of ownership down to the coaches and their on ice performance demonstrates they are a great organization to play for. It may not be right for your child or where he is in their development but to call them a joke is totally not true.

Re: looks like none of the u14 eagles will be playing highschool/prep hockey… what a joke organiza

they're not a joke. But they're also not the only good hockey program in MA.