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Re: NH Knights

Are they worth it? My son is a \'14 and made the team
Will be fun. Looks like they won a local tournament last year.

Re: NH Knights

I heard the 2014-15 girls team is playing in the 09 division.

Re: NH Knights

My son was a late add on for a summer tourney last year. They were sold program. They could hang with most teams but there are just a couple teams that are so loaded it’s hard to compete against. I’d probably do it again.

Re: NH Knights

Money grab type program. Wont get much more than a place to play over a summer.

Re: NH Knights

If a step above pond Hockey meets your expectations and money has little value, your bender should be all set. As with all spring/summer teams their loyalty only extends to your wallet. You could send a few emails to other programs and play in every tournament with little commitment.

Re: NH Knights

Is this a competitive spring/summer tournament team ?
If you look at the website you will see they have like 400 alumni in the NHL and like 6000 college players :)