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Re: Tough Decision Going into Bantam Minor

Kid has developed so much over the past 2 years with current team. Coaches have done wonders on and off the ice for my kid. He truly loves his team. Loves hockey. Not Fed Elite caliber but close. Not going to go prep or cath due to $. Good MA public high school player.

Couple kids on the team are moving teams and I wonder if I should follow suit. On the surface it looks like it is a very lateral move, but the parents of the moving kids seem to think otherwise. They think their kids are too good for current team.
At this point you seem to have a pretty realistic idea of where your son is going to end up, so on no particular order I would think about the following

Is the coaching better on Team B?
Are his closest friends moving to Team B?
Does the current program have a really weak U14 FS program and team B a strong one?
Is team B part of the program most of the Varsity players at his future HS use?
Is there any link between Team B and his high school program at the coaching level?

You like the coach, your player is developing, most importantly he's enjoying the experience so are there any advantages to leaving?

Re: Tough Decision Going into Bantam Minor

Do what works for you it sounds like your happy where you are and that your kid has developed. The color of the shirt or the name of the team doesnt matter when you get to High School nobodys asking it all evens out if you kid can play they will find them