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Re: PHC 2012 Elite

Team is in need of a good shooter. If they don't take another forward they will learn the hard way next year. My guess is the defensemen they have will leave to a team that will make the Q and then they have a good forward that will do the same.

Re: PHC 2012 Elite

My kid plays against them and they need kids but they shoot fine . It’s a good team if you call the coach he’s a good guy and will be honest with you

Re: PHC 2012 Elite

This team sucks, coaches suck, parents suck, organization sucks. Should go play in the e9 where maybe they will be middle of pack. Boohoo go cry somewhere else

Re: PHC 2012 Elite

E9 doesn't want the s h i tty EHF orgs.

Re: PHC 2012 Elite

You better shut the f*** up