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Re: At what age should you start caring?

There's been a lot of buzz on here about 7 & 8 year hockey players and apparently that is too young to even give a **** about what they are doing or how they are doing right? I'm curious as to what age the dboard thinks parents should get invested in their kid as far as hockey goes.

Also, if it really doesn't matter why are there even different levels for hockey at these ages? Why not just have one level or even one league right up until the kids go to high school? Because it doesn't matter right?
I wouldn't ever say "I'm invested" in any of my kids athletic endeavors, I although I certainly invest in them in time & money but I have always cared, from Learn to Skate through high school.

What you care about changes as they age, at Mites you want to make sure they are having fun, that the organization is running age appropriate skills weekly, the coach isn't a nut job, that the coaches are giving all the kids the same opportunities on the ice. What you really want is for your kid to fall in love with the game at this age, to be excited to go to practice because he just loves being on the ice.

Squirts, focus is much the same but is the coach also teaching & enforcing some basic elements of hockey, like spatial discipline (left vs. right), defensive responsibilities, teaching them the basics of competitive body contact, etc. Are the skills coaches running drills that encourage good strides, edgework, and getting their heads up and are they working to correct mistakes? Far too many skills guys set up the cones and blow the whistle & do nothing more.

At any age, the focus should be on enjoyment of the time at the rink and appropriate development & the coaches control most of that. What can start as a great coach and/or organization at Mites might not be "the right fit" for your player as he hits U10 or U12.