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Re: Do parents dictate where majority of kids play?

I coached a peewee team and a dad came up to me with his kid and said he was pulling his kid for a better team. The kid was sitting there next to us crying and he didn\'t care.
Be a better coach
Ya the coach is guilty of not being good enough here. Well trained coach would keep all players wanting to return hahaha

Re: Do parents dictate where majority of kids play?

I asked my kid if he wanted to skate with other teams in a couple weeks and he said no. I asked again and kind of tried to push him to another program. He said no way. After that I think I’m done trying even though I want him to move programs. When talking about to friend they suggested I was crazy and need to make the decision for my kid. Thoughts?
Your kid seems to not want to move. My suggestion would be to find out why and act accordingly. For example, if it's because the kid really likes coach and feels like he's learning a lot, your job is to find out if coach is returning next season ASAP. If you find out coach is leaving, see if you can follow them. If the kid really likes playing with another kid, you find out what that family is doing next season. If they say they're leaving, your kid might be more willing to listen to your advice to change teams. Bottom line: listen to why they like staying where they are and go from there.