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Re: Skating Class

60/20/20 is insane.

I know hockey is more HIIT but cardio in the off-season can't hurt?

EDIT: sorry I just saw that 60/20/20 was referring to nutrition. Still, don't you want carbs considering how much energy they're burning?

Re: Skating Class

60/20/20 is insane.
No it is not lol. High Athletic Performance during a long season requires it.

Re: Skating Class

I was referring to off-season. My bad.

Good info though.
14 year old 8th grader. His plan leading up to next season.

Jan through March - Finish the season with as much rest as possible. Dont get sick. Pass classes.

April, May, early June - One Tournament (Good amount of local lacrosse). No on or off ice training. Eat a lot of food. Get more flexible and recover from a long season.

Early June through July - One local fun tourney. 6 week training program focused on strength. Eat a lot of food. Lots of relaxing at pool on downtime, but I believe he is suppose to gain as much weight as possible here.

August into September - Two good week long skating clinics but also does a training program from mid August through early September that I believe is focused on cardio, functional movements and balance. I believe diet during this period is strict. 45/30/25 macro. October is 60/20/20.
Pretty sure I know what trainer your player goes to based off the breakdown. My oldest used them and had great results through high school and prep.

Re: Skating Class

My son made great progress at Real Speed before high school and Paul Vincent during high school. I would recommend both.