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Re: Hometown ref

What’s does anybody think think about a ref that doesn’t call one penalty on the home team, other 5 called ref even though 4 of the penalties happened right in front of said ref, and only starts calling when home team is up by 3 goals in the 3rd. And when the game is over 4 of the home team players skate up to him and give him fist bumps. Side note, home team is far and away the most penalized team in the league. Would love to see the breakdown on home penalties opposed to away and when that ref is reffing at home.
Sir, you need to relax. First, when a parent complains about officiating the first thing I wonder is "do you even know the rules?" Second, every official calls a game slightly differently, for example I don't call hooking unless it's egregious but I'll quickly blow my whistle if you catch a kid in the numbers in any fashion. Third, many coaches and parents teach their kids to fist bump a ref after a game to say "thank you", win or lose, and it's always appreciated. My youngest is now in high school and he still does this after a game. Lastly, in many years of working games, I've never met a ref who cared about who won or lost a game.

Re: Hometown ref

I think you are a loser who lives a sad and delusional existence. You haven't f'd your wife right in years and you are everything that is wrong with youth sports. Any other questions?