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Re: Example of a good coach and parent role model…

Kings mom
Yeah. Absolutely joking.
Nice Troll Job
Athe head coach of the Boston Bruins interfering on his son’s team’s behalf during a u14 game isn’t worthy of a D Board discussion…???
Oh I think it is.

I was there, he was clearly kidding around with a ref, it was actually kind of funny, certainly was not what OP is suggesting.

What’s a real bad look was our coach yelling at the refs to toss him then calling Mass Hockey on him. This is my last year in this joke of an organization.

Bad look Joe, real bad.

JH is coaching this team now? I though he was the elite coach.
Jh is the elite coach but it was a half season team. This is the full season tier 1 (now called tier 2 in u14). No clue who joe is that the other guy was referring to. Not JH. Regardless, the b’s coach should be quiet and certainly not be yelling at a girl ref. Just bc people were laughing doesn’t mean he was trying to be funny. He made an ass out of himself. You really don’t need to be that fired up in this low level tournament. This is not his first time doing this on the tier 1 (now tier 2) u14 team games. He has done this many times. May be hitting the bottle in the parking lot. If you can’t hold it together at these inconsequential tournaments while always repping the Bs something is off.

Re: Example of a good coach and parent role model…

This statement is false.