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Re: 2014's are stacked

Just sayin
Come back to me when checking starts and these danglers end up looking at the lights when trying to go through a solid defenseman that knows how to play the body. Players are much different when playing the body becomes part of the game.
A lot of these 2014's move really well with big athletic frames, and they possess the edge work and grit to put your 2011's in a body bag in a few years. CANT WAIT!!!!

Re: 2014's are stacked

Ooh checking. If your kid could handle it I'm sure mine condo too. Who even knows of checking will be around in a few years.

Re: 2014's are stacked

2014 parents trolling successfully! Look at all those replies.

Re: 2014's are stacked

I’ve been religiously watching mites hockey for the past 10-12 years, and whoever said that the 2014’s are stacked is statistically correct.