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Re: Numbers

John Nash
I'm still not sure who I hate more... the 2014 parents or the ones that act like D1 or higher is unattainable.

Going as far back as is trackable on elite prospects, it appears that roughly 23% of brick players are drafted by NHL teams. Clearly an extremely high percentage, showing a strong correlation with being a top player at 10 and at 18.

2011/2012 Brick - 207 players - 46 draft picks
2012/2013 Brick - 195 players - 45 draft picks

And stop acting like D1 is out of reach. New England probably sends 20++ kids to D1 every year.

Saying it doesn't matter, and that everything changes has a small merit of truth, as some kids do fall off, while others are late bloomers. But the numbers don't lie. For the most part, if you are one of the best when you're 10, you have a decent shot at making it.

Either I'm taking crazy pills, or they're just trolling
Umm crazy pills.