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Re: 1989 Mite A New England Regional Champions

Were they as good as the 1980 SS Seahawks that went to Lake Placid and beat up Pat Lafontain’s Compuware team for championship.
You mean cape cod Seahawks?
No he didn't mean CC you dumb.
Well there were some pretty good Cape Cod Seahawks teams back in the day. One had Healy and Nicklaus on same team

Re: 1989 Mite A New England Regional Champions

This team, like noone's ever seen before, would lay waste to any challenger of these days. 2012's, 2013's, 2014's, hell even 2011's would all perish before us. Our coach had the brown leather gloves and skates and that booming voice which made for puckering a-holes within a 5 mile radius. We were a cohesive, tough machine built to punish, the type to find your mom and impregnate and go looking for her mom.

Red army came over once to play us and didn't come out of the locker room for the 2nd period.

All ready to go to nationals and that POS Michael Dukockis intervened and said season over because he thought murder was on the table. Maybe so...

Let's see who's been in the game long enough to know the name of my team.

NRI Vikings?? they were good back then, not so much today