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Re: 2011 Vikings

Or maybe, just maybe it shows they are run like every other org. if a better player shows up and is willing to join the team they find a way to add them. once you get to u14 there are the Rats, Whalers, Eagles and right behind them comes the Militia. Maybe not in the rankings but when it comes to desirable teams to play for in this area they are at the top of the list. There is no more development at u14. Its strictly wins/loses so anyway you can get these kids into the program you do it. The parents see that and a chance to have their kids play up a birth year and are willing to join. The 2010 players on the 2009 milita team are much better than the 2009 players they replaced. That is not a development thing. The Fed and BA will almost always have some of the best players in their respective age groups. It's a fact that in this area more often than not the best players end up on a FED team. Thats just the landscape. They are completing against a brand not a development model.

Re: 2011 Vikings

Pretty sure they are playing up now at the Peewee Major level against 2010's at the Premiere level. Middle of the pack team and if those 2010 kids are playing at the 2010 level next year along with the Stars & Wings who also played up in Bantam this year they will be bottom of the pack without significant upgrades.