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Re: 2011 Movement

2 top players from IHC and 1 top D from BJT and a top F from Flames going to eagles next year everyone knows it’s all about u14 15 and 16 years good luck finding a home in future
How, with the movement rules?
I get that with their horrible record they can take 4 Fed players (almost like they intentionally kept the team weak this year to fall into this category), but aren\\\\\\\'t there other restrictions on how many from where ?
None of that is happening. The kids he is talking bout will go wherever they want at u14. No need to move now.
If they\'re still good by then.
Truth. If they suck at U14, going now isn’t guaranteed spot then
Exactly! We're talking about 11/12 year olds. Who knows what they'll be playing like when they're 14.

Re: 2011 Movement

Every kid on the 09 u14 team next year will be a kid that was a great 12 year old. Most will be kids that didn’t play for the eagles as 12 year olds.

Slow down and enjoy the ride peeps.