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Re: Why are 2014 parents fu ck ed?

Parents are ****ed if they do, ****ed if they don\'t. They\'re either not involved enough with their kid and not doing enough for them or they\'re too involved and giving them too much.

When people pay all this money for hockey and drive/travel places for it you can bet they\'re going to be involved and want it to go well.
Are 14s actually playing 13 brick? Would be a joke if it was more than 1 kid. Never really seen that happen in other years, 09, 11 or 12s. Why start this year?
2014s are actually laying brick. One on top of another. They are stacked in case you didn’t notice.
Their parents are fu ck ed, go look at 2013 thread below, it turned into 2014 discussion very quickly. Those idiots are everywhere.