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Re: Prezzo Ruislip very disappointing

It took 4 days to get a reply but Prezzo came back to me via e mail. They admitted the manager should have dealt with this personally and should have discounted the bill further. They have offered a £30 voucher. Clearly the problem here appears to be the Manager!

Re: Prezzo Ruislip very disappointing

The only way to respond to service like this is to vote with your feet (and wallet) and never return. Thanks I will now avoid Prezzo

Re: Prezzo Ruislip very disappointing

We also had a bad experience with the manageress there. We had an email voucher for a free bottle of wine valid on any day within 30 days, but the manageress refused to honour it saying something about company policy. I very politely tried to explain that I would email head office anyway and wouldn't it be easier to not have bad PR if they honoured the voucher. Basically told me she didn't really care. Emailed customer services who advised me the voucher should have been accepted and advised me to use it on my next visit showing the email chain as proof, as well as sending me a £20 voucher off a meal, just how customer services should work! Hopefully the manageress is only temporary as the restaurant/food was very nice otherwise.

Re: Prezzo Ruislip very disappointing

My daughter called up to book a table and was told they needed to check their online orders for takeaway first and could she call back in an hour. She went over the road.....