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Re: South Ruislip Cinema

I find it highly unlikely the council would approve a licence for a nightclub in a built up area.

The complex has dwellings and is also bordered by flats and houses.

Re: South Ruislip Cinema

They're looking for staff ..

Re: South Ruislip Cinema

The license application was in the Gazette a few weeks ago. It was for 5 am.

Re: South Ruislip Cinema

They had one at the Park Royal complex back in the late 1990's. It was shut down due to violence drugs etc.

Common sense dictates yoy don't allow a nightclub in the middle of a quiet residential area. Imagine the noise, anti social behaviour that will generate.

I still don't think this is even a starter. No hits on Internet

Re: South Ruislip Cinema

According to the South Ruislip Residents Association they have applied for an alcohol license until 3am and music, dance & food until 5am

Re: South Ruislip Cinema

My daughter has worked for Cineworld in the past and she hasn't heard of a nightclub in a cinema before. However, they do have screenings that start at midnight and go on through the night, with alcohol. Maybe that's why they need the licence.

Re: South Ruislip Cinema

This is the most likely reason. They'll be doing a lot of midnight screenings (for the new Star Wars etc), and as they serve drinks they'll need the license.

Cineworld also do 'event' screenings, this like sing-a-long Grease etc, so the music and dancing license would cover that.