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Re: New Street Lights

I think it's better. When I get up at night there is far less light coming in than there used to be. Hopefully it will make a bit of astronomy possible once the dark nights return.

Re: New Street Lights

I like them. We have a mixture of new and old up towards the top of Eastcote and Northwood Hills area.

They're certainly not needing to be so high any more, as they diffuse the light over a larger area and only downward. I'm not sure whether bright white is the best colour. Thinking of snow or icy conditions that are bound to come during the lifetime of these lights, 'might' make them very dazzling. But I've no personal experience of white LED lights on snow or ice to draw on however.

But I have noticed that somebody has taken it upon themselves to stick A4 sized sheets of paper expressing views of dissatisfaction with the new lights. The lights are bright enough to read them. And the white light means that all the bits printed in red ink are also legible. (Couldn't have read it under the old orange lights.) I'm suspicious of the motives of whoever is putting these up. They're all stuck up over Eastcote and Northwood Hills with the same silver gaffer tape and make pretty profound statements that would appear to come from residents groups. But it's wording is not something I would expect to see from any group. Also no groups are named. I've picked up quite a few that have been torn off the lampposts and lying around on the pavement.

As there's no name, group or website to contact I treat these as anonymous whinging from an sole individual. They go in the bin as litter when I find them on the ground.

Re: New Street Lights

Intrigued, what do these signs say JohnB

Re: New Street Lights

I've seen those printed signs as well. No contact details given so I have no idea how the person putting them up expects anything to happen. The message is that the council are monsters and criminals who are deliberately making everyone's lives a misery. It is the sort of thing that, were it a letter to the local newspaper, would be written in green ink and block capitals with lots of underlining.

Re: New Street Lights

Thanks, madness.

Re: New Street Lights

I don't want to give whoever it is the added publicity of putting extracts here. They are not the sort of authoritatively composed statements that a group of residents would put together. They are ramblings and rather unpleasant in parts.