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Re: What tin boat?

Starcraft used to make a very deep and wide 16' walk through that was fairly reasonable with a 25hp. Fished Lake O out of one several times with a friend. Very seaworthy boats if you can find one in good shape. Havng said that, the boat that Don mentions is a hell of a deal!!
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Re: What tin boat?

$3500 won't last long that's a nice buy!!!

Re: What tin boat?

I have a 17' LUND Tyee and I have a 50 HP Honda on it. It is a wide and deep V hull with walk through windshield. I would not want any less of a motor on that boat. My top speed is about 25-27 MPH WOT. It does not plain much under full throttle. A 25 HP would definitely not cut it. If you went with a smaller boat like 14 - 15 footer that was not as wide you might be ok with a 25 HP.

Re: What tin boat?

George at MnM Salvage in Meredith has a beauty for sale on craigs.He's still in the Carolina's.Lunds are heavy,consequently you need more motor and a strong towing vehicle.Stronger checkbook too.A 25 horse will push a Starcraft 16 just fine.I have a '74 18' Holiday with a bimini,rebuilt floor,being pushed by a 30hp merc two stroke.We sit in plastic deck chairs.Its like a dance floor behind the seats,nice and warm behind the windshied and still warm when the wind is coming from the back.I've been in the 3ft waves fishing on my kneecaps and driven home in just as bad weather going fast with my 30.Get an Uncle Henrys,Maine is loaded with Starcrafts then sell whatever motor is on it,Wally in Moultonborough will help and buy a new,light weight two stroke from Mr Greene in Hooksett while you can still can get them.

Re: What tin boat?

Thanks guys for the feedback.

Don I left you a voice message.