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Re: inline attractors

i'll take the 99 anyday over the outback...i bet big john will also ???

They both are terrible. If you want good food try the MOM and POPS restaurants. although John really likes the Blue Canoe.

Re: inline attractors

People have been using Dave Davis spinners with live bait attached somehow off the end, but who wants to haul that in with your fish.

Big John[/quote]

Thats exactly how I won the Winni Derby Lake Trout Div. many years ago. I won a nice boat tha I sold for $8K. Sewed on smelt behind a Dave Davis trolled 4 feet off the bottom did it. Good Luck!

Re: inline attractors

I use the LUHR_JENSEN atractors in-line with my flies attached 1and1/2 times the flashers lenght works really good but try to keep your speed around 1.5-1.9 if you can this is just my opinion good luck