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Re: True confessions

Scott D from Merrimack
Well it seems to me that the money could be better spent dropping in 24,000 shiners if they are all gonna be eaten anyways. I saw some of those "pike sized" shiners at the Ice Hole in Brookline that I bet were close to 1.6oz. I still would rather see them only stock half as many fish at twicce the size to give them a chance to actually live and to grow.

They had 1000's of Browns there, 2.3 to a pound, they were sweet, not sure how long they have been there, probaly about 14" long ?????????

Big John

Re: True confessions

Anyone know why there are no Browns in Winni? That could be a lot of fun too....I know we all like Salmon and it is a great fish to catch. If its so expensive to raise them, and the fish arent doing well in Winni, why not look into other options that might do better.....Would people enjoy catching big browns or brookies as much as we enjoy catching Salmon? I think they would....I know I am just spewing verbal diahrea...LOL just trying to provoke some discussion on the topic.

Re: True confessions

I believe that you will find that NHF&G does not stock Browns in Salmon lakes due to their markings and issues in differentiating the two species. This would be a major issue for ice fishing. Not sure if Browns would thrive better than Salmon in Winni due to all the other issues involved. I do think that Browns & square tails, replacing Salmon in Winni, warrants discussion. I am sure that would open many doors, although some may have skeletons in them.

Re: True confessions

Browns could grow to huge sizes in Winni, in my opinion. They are not so reliant on smelt and not as finicky as salmon either. They love crayfish and would also have a field day on the young perch. They are also harder to catch. All this adds up to big fish! I honestly feel Winni could grow trophy browns up to 10 lbs if given the chance. To not have a trophy brown fishery in this state is a sin. This idea definitely deserves consideration by F&G. I hope they read this thread.


Re: True confessions

the problem with stocking half as many fish twice the size is that it cost 4 times as much to get them to be twice the size scott ...but i hear what your saying