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Re: My first trip of the Season on Winni (Friday)

LOL Dave
LMAO Joe, I remember a certain person towing the barge to Ames Farm for it's maiden voyage on Winni, also trolling down the road, unfortunatly he didn't catch anything besides a spooled reel LMAO Good Memories Take Care God Bless LOL Dave Who's still soak and wet from that day and trying to get the barge back on the trailer LMAO

We got it down pat now, allot of mods to the trailer, 2 guys can load it easy now, that was a fun day, like you said a memory..

Slipknot was with us too, speaking of Slipknot, where are you ???????????

Big John

Re: My first trip of the Season on Winni (Friday)

Friday Night the final hour before dark, lost a big hit on 5 colors of leadcore.

was mostly practicing my trolling for Lake Trout Technique, picked up a beauty 21 inch Salmon dragging an emerald shinner threw the mud at a 20 foot depth. 30 mins before pitch darkness.... very weird? but true.